Gone ‘Til November

My title here may be a bit of an exaggeration, but with three out-of-state weddings in five weeks, I have had little time (or gas money, yikes!) for road-tripping around the Commonwealth these days. I will resume my wandering as soon as I’m through with 2012’s Weddingpalooza.

Carter Park in Leominster. Four years ago, so there’s new stuff to see now!

In the meantime, a few quick hits:

My newspaper and the Lowell Sun have launched What Do U Wanna Do? A Central MA/Merrimack valley events page. Check it out for arts and entertainment.
• The Boston Globe Magazine published a fall travel guide with lots of cool hints related to autumnal exploration (in my opinion, the best kind!)
• To plan your leaf-peeping excursion, the New Hampshire Tourism board has a pretty high-tech tracker of peak foliage dates; Massachusetts’ Office of Travel and Tourism also has some suggestions for events happening across the state that coincide with the brightest leaves. Here are similar sites for Vermont and Maine.
• Just looking to hang out with some cool people locally, and maybe make some new friends? See what’s up with the North Central Massachusetts League of Awesome People on Facebook, and post your own goings-on.
• Go apple-picking! Yes, the hot, hot summer made apples appear early, but there’s still plenty of time to visit an orchard with your family. If pie and apple crisp aren’t your thing (seriously? What’s wrong with you?), there are plenty of non-dessert options for our favorite fruit.

How do you like them apples, Sholan Farm?


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