I went to the Red Apple Farm in Phillipston this afternoon to go to the Appleseed Country Fair, hosted at the farm’s Highland Avenue orchard. Knowing I was headed to Phillipston, I tried to find something to do before the event (get some breakfast, take a hike, even) but my Googling didn’t yield many results.

I ended up just going to the fair. Phillipston is a sleepy place, but the Red Apple Farm is fantastic. And the fair was a really good time. Sponsored by the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce and the Gardner Ale House, there was music, beer, wine, cheese, BBQ, fried stuff, crafts, and everything that makes a decent Saturday afternoon.

King of all the goats


The farm itself is gorgeous, on both sides of the street, with many varieties of apples ready for the picking, pumpkins, some goats, a cow, sheep, donkey and bunnies. The farmstand is really cool, filled with house-made condiments (apple butter, pies, dressings, apple salsa, fudge) and knick-knacks. If you don’t feel like picking apples, you can pick up a bushel there.

As far as food goes, the fair didn’t disappoint. This was my first experience with turkey legs, fair style. Pretty enormous/gross/tasty. Sampled Smith Farm cheese – yum. Tasted wine from the Hardwick Winery – very good. Drank Gardner Ale House beers – Summer’s End is delicioso. And we had pumpkin ice cream. Why isn’t everything as perfect as pumpkin ice cream?

Phillipston traffic jam

After leaving the fair, I headed toward the Phillipston town common, which was dead. On my search, I encountered the Phillipston Wikipedia page, whose only interesting tidbit is that in FY 2008, the town spent about $30,000 on the public library. And that appears to be the most fascinating thing about the town, outside the farm. I did end up leaving pretty early, because of reports of tornadoes in Massachusetts, so maybe I missed something.

The famous Phillipston Library

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