Revere Beach

As I wrote last week, I was psyched to go to the Revere Beach Sand-Sculpture Festival on Saturday, the third day of the four-day contest/party/street fair at the country’s oldest public beach.

So my mom and I drove out to Revere (quite an exercise in patience on a hot summer day), and parked at the new Wonderland garage before realizing we were on the wrong side of the tracks. Unknowingly, and on the advice of a woman who also appeared kind of lost, we walked about two miles out of the way before ending up at the sculpture contest.

Well, it was fantastic. Smaller than I thought it would be, but the things the artists did with just sand, water and limited sculpture tools just blew me away. This year’s theme sculpture (not included in the competition) celebrated the 100th year of Fenway Park:

This was the winner, a pretty awesome bee:

The only problem was the heat. Saturday was unbearably hot and humid. We didn’t stick around too long after checking out the sand sculptures. After finding a two-block route back to the garage, thanks to the Massachusetts State Police, we drove toward the iconic Kelly’s Roast Beef, but decided the high-90s heat and the line kept it out of the cards for us. So we headed up to neighboring Nahant for a late lunch at Tides.

But back to Revere Beach for a second. This is one place where I believe the hype being promoted by the state: With a little sprucing up at the completely-dead-looking Wonderland neighborhood, a footbridge across the Blue Line tracks from the parking deck to the beach, and a little marketing, the beach could be a prime destination for people throughout the Boston area in the summer.

It’s a beautiful, wide, long sandy beach with calm and cold waters, it’s a quick and painless walk from the train station, and it’s a prime spot for people and plane watching.

A little touching-up wouldn’t kill this spot.

I hope investment in the area promotes development and interest around the beach. There’s a LOT to be improved upon in terms of neighborhood growth. While I’d hate to see residents priced out of their neighborhoods, it could use some definite sprucing up. You’d be hard-pressed to find another area with as many hideous/run-down homes as lower Revere Beach — things get much less sketchy as you head north.

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