New magazine guide to Cape Cod

Boston Magazine has a feature right now on rediscovering Cape Cod, with some stunning photography and suggestions on different activities.

There’s a few really good ideas in it, so check it out. When I was younger, my family used to stay in Brewster for a week every summer. Years later, we’d go to Eastham with our cousins and aunts and uncles. I loved the hot sun on the splintering deck, rides over to Coast Guard Beach, digging clams and visiting the flea market.

One thing not to overlook, especially if you’re visiting with kids, is the Cape Cod rail trail. Rent a few bikes and pack some snacks and towels, and stop at a lake or pond along the way. The water’s warmer, waves are a non-issue, arriving via bicycle gets you past any parking fees or crowds and you don’t have to worry about carting your whole family up and down a huge dune.

Yes, the traffic is terrible and the ocean water is freezing, and possibly full of people-eating things. Even though it’s no longer my first-choice for destinations in Massachusetts, there’s still plenty to love about Cape Cod.

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